The Concept of a Supremely Perfect Being Essay example

The Concept of a Supremely Perfect Being Essay example

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A Supremely Perfect Being is one who is Omnipotent, Transcendent,
Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omni benevolent. However, these attributes
in cohere with each other for many reasons, such as Omniscience and
Omnipotence. The meaning of Incoherency is when there is a lack of
logical organisation in the way something is thought out or expressed
that makes it difficult to understand, for example it is difficult to
understand a bachelor to be a married man.

To say a Supremely Perfect Being is Omnipotent (all-powerful) brings
the consequence that they can do everything including the logically
impossible such us bring it about that two plus two equals four, or
make a four-sided triangle. Let’s assume the Paradox of the Stone, if
a Supremely Perfect Being is Omnipotent, then they could create a
stone too heavy, that even they could not lift. Though since they
could not lift it, means there is something they could not do, then
they are therefore not omnipotent. On the other hand, if they cannot
create such a heavy stone, because they can lift all possible stones,
they are not omnipotent because there is something they cannot do.

Either way it looks as though, a Supremely Perfect Being cannot be
Omnipotent. An explanation would be that they very idea of the task
(paradox of stone) which is logically impossible is incoherent, and
nothing can do it even a Supremely Perfect Being. However, limiting a
Supremely Perfect Being to what is logically possible, can avoid
paradoxes but then degrades the concept of omnipotence. To say a
Supremely Perfect Being can do everything that is logically possible,
consequences that they can undergo change, do ...

... middle of paper ...

...t literally mean.

If we were to say a Supremely Perfect Being is Transcendent, then they
are immaterial and exist outside time, meaning they are not subject to
the laws of physics. Yet, if a Supremely Perfect Being is out of time,
then they are not Omnipresent (everywhere). So Omnipresence and
Transcendence are incoherent, because if a Supremely Perfect Being was
transcendent they would be out of the natural world, but since they
are omnipresence they are everywhere.

In conclusion the notion of a Supremely Perfect Being is incoherent
because all the attributes, Omnipotent, Transcendent, Omniscient,
Omnipresent and Omni benevolent, which a Supremely perfect being
possesses either in coheres individually such as Omnipotence and
Omnipresence. Or in cohere with each other such as Omnipotence and
Omni benevolence.

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