The Character of Hareton in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Essay

The Character of Hareton in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Essay

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The Character of Hareton in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights, written by Emile Bronte, is on of the most famous
Victorian novels in English literature. This novel was the only novel
written by her. The novel has the social and moral values in England
in the nineteenth century as the recurring theme. The adjective
‘wuthering’ is used in some parts of rural England to describe stormy
weather. Wuthering Heights is a farmhouse on top of a small hillock,
which is open to all the elements of wind and weather and hence is
synonymous with passion and violence. The other house nearby,
Thrushcross Grange contrasts sharply with Wuthering Heights. The two
groups of people residing here, the Earnshaws in the former and the
Lintons in the latter, are also people with opposing tendencies. Into
this world comes a man alien to both extremes, Heathcliff who is
adopted by the Earnshaws. The whole story revolves around these

Hareton Earnshaw, son of Frances and Hindley Earnshaw has a small but
important part in the novel. Belonging to the second generation of
characters, he personifies the passionate nature of the Earnshaws and
yet is warm and gentle. Hareton is of a warm and, considering his
situation, a very genial disposition. He owns his own share of the
wild passions that are so common to the Earnshaws, but is forced into
a life of subjugation. He is quite intelligent, but is made to lead a
life of an ignorant by Heathcliff, who after Hindley’s death denied
him any further education. Hareton as a child is wild and unruly,
having a mouthful of foul words. Hareton as young man is still very
rough, though subdued ...

... middle of paper ...

...riendship with
Cathy grows into a strong and mutual love culminating in a marriage.
His love for Cathy is also, like him, pure and innocent. He
transforms, from a shabbily clad ignoramus to a respectably dressed
gentleman. We do not see any of the common Victorian hypocrisy in his
nature. His good character and genial temperament makes him one of the
best characters in the novel.

Hareton’s presence cannot be felt throughout the novel, but he
effectually completes the story. He can be compared to a rough,
unpolished diamond whose shine was not so well perceivable until
another genial soul unearthed it from the mines of ignorance. He is a
shining example of the fact that no matter where the circumstances of
one’s life leads to, they will, sooner or later fall upon the track of
life on which they are supposed to be.

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