Essay on The Role of Health and Safety in Sport

Essay on The Role of Health and Safety in Sport

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Health and safety plays a big part in any work organisation,
especially in a sports organisation with all the extra equipment and
chemicals that are used for sport. The health and safety act work 1974
was replaced in 1992 and again in 1999 by the management of health and
safety at work regulations. The Management of Health and Safety at
Work Regulations 1999 outline how employers should achieve the
requirements defined under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
The main requirement of these Regulations is for sports organizations
such as Gateshead stadium and St James Park to carry out an assessment
of the risks associated with their activities before the activities
take place.

Sport plays a major part in the personal, social and physical
development of young people. All young people should have the
opportunity to develop those skills and be able to participate in
sport and leisure activities in an environment free from
discrimination an without risk to there personal health and safety.
Gateshead stadium and St James Park are sports grounds and are under a
another act the safety of sports act 1975 and also the Fire Safety
and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 are concerned with addressing
risks to spectators at sports grounds but not with the risks to
participants, who are normally covered by the general requirements of
the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The legislations of health and safety in sports organisations:-

Ø Secure the health and safety welfare of people at work.

Ø Control the emission into the atmosphere of noxious or offensive
substances from premises.

Ø Control handling and storage of dang...

... middle of paper ...

...orts centers. These substances include chemical
for cleaning disinfecting, for treating water i.e. chlorine and P.H
indicator or for making out grass pitches. Risk may arise through
inhalation through nose, ingestion through mouth or absorption via

Although the individual club or society organising an activity or
event is

responsible for preparing the risk assessment, National Governing
Bodies should

produce a range of procedures and guidance documents on control
measures to

assist this process.Overall if the employers pass on their knowledge
and understanding of the procedures and guidance documents that the
NGB produce to them onto their employees the work place should be a
much safer place to be and should help remove or control the health
risks by use of approval, personnel and procedures.

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