The Creation of Fear and Suspense in 'The Red Room' by HG Wells Essay

The Creation of Fear and Suspense in 'The Red Room' by HG Wells Essay

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The Creation of Fear and Suspense in 'The Red Room' by HG Wells

HG Wells conveys the experiences in the red room in many ways
throughout the story. He is an English author and a political
philosopher, most famous for his science fiction romances that
variously depict alien invasion, terrifying future societies and
transformed states of being. The story of the red room is written in
first person, which suggests that the reader believes it is from
personal experience. The `Red room' can be described as a gothic
story, which means that it is written in the late eighteenth, early
nineteenth century. A gothic story is a romantic fiction with its
setting usually in a ruined gothic castle or abbey. A gothic novel
emphasises mystery and horror and it is filled with ghost haunted
rooms, underground passages, and secret stair ways. The scene in the
red room is set in an old, derelict castle- Lorraine Castle in which a
young duke has died. This setting already suggests a mystery and
immediately contributes to suspense in the story. The meaning of fear
is when one is afraid to face up to their phobia. HG Wells wrote the
story in 1896 and the following essay will discuss the genre, the
structure, the setting, the language used the atmosphere and also

The genre builds up a mount of tension in the story where the
characters description of the house gives the impression that it is
old and derelict. The old woman states, `and eight and twenty years
you have lived and never seen the likes of this house.' This
illustrates that the house is historic and it could also be decaying.

At the beginning of the story, the character of the narrat...

... middle of paper ...

...hat will not have light nor sound, that will not bear with
reason, that deafens and darkens and overwhelms. It followed me
through the corridor; it fought against me in the room.' This is how
the character describes what fear really is and shows that he realises
the fear of his own fears encouraged him to imagine phantasmal
thoughts. The character becomes aware of how powerful the mind is and
what imagination can do to you, it can play tricks on one.

Fear is conveyed effectively through the plot, characterisation, the
language to describe the shadows, the genre and the setting. It could
be said that darkness is the most important part of the red room, as
darkness seems to what the narrator is most afraid of, `closed upon me
like the shutting of an eye,' `wrapped about me in a stiffing
embrace.' and `sealed my vision'

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