The Lyns Advertisement Essay

The Lyns Advertisement Essay

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The Lynx Advertisement

For those who don’t know Lynx is on if the major brands of male
deodorant. There have been many other Lynx adverts in the past and
they are designed to appeal to the older male audience.

This advert is titled “If only” which straight away suggests that the
advert is going to show what someone or a group of people wish for or
dream of, what they would like something to be like.

The opening starts with a woman standing outside a London tube station
in the rain. Her hair is wet and she doesn’t look happy. But then as
the camera gets closer to her she puts on a smile and says

“Hi, your not late it’s my watch, its always fast.”

This is a strange thing for a woman stood out in the pouring rain to
say. From when she starts speaking it is clear that what the camera is
seeing is meant to be what the boyfriend of the women is seeing. The
camera is taking his place or showing it from his point of view.

But its what the woman actually says that is surprising because its
not what you would have expected her to say. It is very
uncharacteristic. I personally would have expected her to rant on
about how she had been waiting in the pouring rain for half an hour or
something else along those lines. I am not alone in thinking this, in
fact most males of our species would expect to see exactly the same
thing and that is why you can tell as soon as she says this line that
the product being advertised must be for men. Very few women would
find this line amusing because it’s taking the mickey out of them.

The picture then changes to a different woman sitting on a couch and
background music then begins.

“You loo...

... middle of paper ...

...imed at
young men especially, so the advert is comical and has many beautiful
women in it to attract that audience. It does have background music
which was made especially for the advert. There is no singing. The
music starts slow and has a very

The adverts title “If only” is very appropriate because the advert is
showing what most men would like women to say in the common situations
that are played out in the course of the advert. What the women say is
in fact the complete opposite of what they would say, but the advert
wants men to believe that using Lynx will make the women say what men
want them to. The Lynx effect is supposed to overpower the women into
worshipping men. Obviously this doesn’t happen but hey men aren’t all
as smart as me and most of them would do anything to get a woman. It’s
pathetic really.

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