Essay about The Analysis of Leadership Vs. Management

Essay about The Analysis of Leadership Vs. Management

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The Analysis of Leadership Vs. Management

What makes a leader or a manager? Does being tough or demanding make
one a successful leader and manager? Being tough and demanding seems
to work for the CEO Jeff Immelt of GE. He is seen as a tough leader
who manages his staff well. He is well known for promoting his staff
to high managerial positions today and removing them tomorrow simply
because they don’t meet his standards (Colvin, 2005). Many would say
he is demanding and we would agree with that too. However, the fact is
Jeff Immelt is leading and managing his managers at the same. Does
this mean that leadership and Management are the same?

Leadership and management can be mistaken to be the same, as they are
inter-related. However, they are two distinctive concepts. Leadership
has more to do with conceptualization and vision while management is
associated more with carrying out the tasks and plans. Both are
essential for success in a rapidly changing and challenging business
environment. The challenge is to be able to lead and manage at the
same time (Kotter, 1990).


2.1 Management

Management is the process of attaining organisational goals in an
effective and efficient manner through planning, organising,
controlling and directing organisational resources (Mullins, 2005).

2.2 Leadership

Leadership is the process of exercising the influence on followers in
order to attain group, organisational and social goals (Robbins et al.


According to Mullins (2005), management is seen as relating to people
within an organisation and solving short-term problems while

... middle of paper ...

...rsed leadership predictor of the work
environment for creativity and productivity”, European Journal of
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