Essay about Problem Based Learning Scenario

Essay about Problem Based Learning Scenario

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Problem Based Learning Scenario

“Mrs Moonshine is visiting the paediatric community clinic. She I seen
by a practise nurse and discusses the MMR vaccine with him. She is
concerned about her child Henry, who is due to receive the vaccine.
She has read reports about the vaccine and brings an article about a
study which she has read to the clinic and wants to know why the
medical community does not respect it. The practice nurse declares
that the study was methodologically flawed and lacked internal
validity. Later Mrs. Moonshine demands that Henry is given the three
vaccines as separate injections. The practise nurse insists that this
is dangerous and offers to refer her to the immunisation co-ordinator.

What issues are raised here? Consider the implications for research
and practice?” (Community Health Sciences Problem Based
Learning booklet 2005)

Objectives derived from above article: Page

1. Define Terms – Immunisation Coordinator and Internal
Validity. 2

2. Critical Appraisal of the Wakefield et al paper
. 4

3. Advantages and disadvantages of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
combined vaccine and individual

4. Public perceptions of MMR vaccines and how it affects clinical
consultations. 8

5. Medicalisation of

6. 1. Define Terms

Immunisation Coordinator

The amount of health professionals involved in admin...

... middle of paper ...

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