The Different Aspects of Conflict in a Selection of Four War Poems Essay examples

The Different Aspects of Conflict in a Selection of Four War Poems Essay examples

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The Different Aspects of Conflict in a Selection of Four War Poems

Many poems have been witnessed throughout history that show different
views on war and the glory and sacrifices made. Everyone was
affected, from the men in the front lines to women and children
working back at home. Men involved in the war effort often wrote
poems to record their thoughts and feelings, or simply to pass the
time. Poetry was an outlet through which they could express great
depth of meaning by condensing it into a few words. In this
assignment I am going to write about the war poems entitled ‘The
Charge of the Light Brigade’, a poem written in 1854 by Lord Alfred
Tennyson, ‘Dulce et Decorum est’, a poem written in the twentieth
century by Wilfred Owen, ‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooke and finally
‘Base Details’ by Siegfried Sassoon. Poems were often written on
patriotism, the enemy, the victims, peace, heroism and survival.
Although the war was horrific it brought society from a naive,
innocent state to a state of experience and awareness.

" What a pity it is that one can die

but once to serve our country. " Joseph Addison 1672-1719

This patriotic view of Joseph Addison was one shared by many. Young
men saw enrolment as an exciting adventure enabling them to travel the
world. Thousands were encouraged to enlist, and poems written at the
beginning of the war capture their optimistic, patriotic and very
naive attitude.

Poems such as "The Soldier " welcome patriotic death. In this sonnet
Rupert Brooke shows he feels fortunate to have been brought up in
England and believes it was a real blessing,

“If I should die think only ...

... middle of paper ...

...e base. It begins with a burst of energy
and finishes with a downbeat, casually vicious throwaway line.

Sassoon’s use of ’guzzling and gulping’ is both alliteration and
onomatopoeia, it conveys a vivid impression of both grossness and
greed. The last line or two adds a punch to the satire. The poet’s
vocabulary about the majors is at the heart of his anger and his

The War had a tremendously influencial effect on society. It took
millions on a journey of realisation. People began to understand that
war is very seldom beneficial; more often it is horrific.

If more had taken heed of this beforehand then perhaps less would have
been slaughtered. This journey of innocence to experience was a
valuable one, but it was one which we all regret it was necessary to

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