The Opposition in Germany Towards the Nazi Regime Essays

The Opposition in Germany Towards the Nazi Regime Essays

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The Opposition in Germany Towards the Nazi Regime

During Hitler’s reign in Germany there were a variety of groups and
organisations that opposed him, each of which had different aims and
purposes to gain from it. The opposition ranged from low-level
opposition such as grumbling to very high-end opposition such as
assassination attempts.

Propaganda is the use of information, ideas, and images etc, which are
broadcast to influence people’s opinions. This is done by portraying
only one side of an argument so the public are brainwashed into a
certain opinion. This was done continuously through the Nazi regime to
bombard the public with the Nazi message in order to reduce
opposition. To make sure it was effective “Joseph Goebbels” was hired
and the “Ministry for Peoples Enlightenment and Propaganda”, was set
up. Their aim was to get the Nazi message across and minimise any
opposition to the regime.

[IMAGE]In order to do this effectively the Nazis used several main
types of propaganda. Firstly, they controlled the radio and
newspapers. Journalists where given detailed instructions as to what
to write in their newspapers, and what the radios could broadcast.
Also radios were made astronomically cheap so Germans had more radios
per head than even a wealthy American family. This was so that
everyone could listen to the Nazi ideas being broadcast. These radios
were also locked so that they could not pick up foreign stations.
Secondly, they controlled the films, plays, and literature to make
sure that they conformed to Nazi ideas. Due to this, unwanted
influences to the German public could be stopped, for example Jazz and
Black Ameri...

... middle of paper ...

...ny lost the Second World War, but we
have to ask why? One of the main reasons was the use of propaganda and
the fact that this influenced the public’s opinion in favour of the
Nazis. Another key factor was the terror the Nazis had over the German
public and their use of concentration camps. Thirdly, was the lack of
true opposition as the people/groups opposing Hitler did not unite
together. This could have been due to fear or the fact that they all
wanted different outcomes from their opposition. There was also a lack
of high end opposition which would have stopped Hitler dead in his
tracks. On the other hand there was also a lot of admiration for
Hitler and for what he had done for the country. This admiration
outweighs a lot of the opposition as they were in favour of the Nazis
so were not tolerant of the opposition.

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