Elimination of Poverty in the Welfare State Essay

Elimination of Poverty in the Welfare State Essay

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Elimination of Poverty in the Welfare State

The welfare State is a system in which the state takes responsibility
for the health and welfare of its citizens/subjects. The state uses
benefits, free healthcare, free education and provide adequate living
conditions to ensure that people’s health and well being is looked
after. One of the aims of the welfare state is to eliminate poverty,
poverty can come in many different forms some worse then others.
Absolute poverty is when someone’s income doesn’t cover the minimum
provisions needed to maintain health; these people are below the
poverty line. Relative poverty are those people that cannot afford
items that most people consider normal to have, such as a TV;
therefore they are excluded from normal activities. Environmental
poverty is not so much about money; someone may be above the poverty
line but live in a neighbourhood with poor shops and parks. There is
no official poverty line in Britain and because there are many
different definitions of poverty it makes it hard to measure. However
the success of the welfare state can be measured related to Beveride’s
5 giant evils: Want and poverty, disease, ignorance, squalor and
idleness. How successful the welfare state has been depends on weather
or not the 5 evils have been eliminated or to what extent they have
been eliminated.

In the Elizabethan times (16th century) there was no welfare state and
there was little support for those in poverty. Beggars wandered around
the countryside looking for work to buy food. However a poor law was
made that meant ratepayers in Parishes had to look after the sick,
disabled, and the old and also pro...

... middle of paper ...

... fewer diseases and people live longer,
however there are long waiting lists for treatment. Everyone has a
chance to an education and the leaving age is 16 however there are
still some youths that come out of school with no qualifications. The
old slums from before the war have been demolished and in their place
new housing has been put up, although some of these places are no
nicer to live in. Unemployment is still high although the state does
provide training and job opportunities. Looking at Britain today to
eliminate poverty would be a very hard thing to do. To provide free
services for everyone who needs it the taxes would have to be
increased. Taxes are a very unpopular thing and parties usually
promise to lower taxes so as to get more votes. Therefore spending on
the Welfare state cannot be improved in this way.

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