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This is the first psychiatric hospital admission for the patient, a 17 year-old male. The subject freely admitted himself to care at 13:00 hours on November 28, 1958. Mr. Holden Caulfield arrived at the hospital in the company of his parents--whose consent was necessary given Holden's legal status as a minor--and his younger sister Phoebe. His induction took place without any incident.


At the time of his arrival, Holden appeared very tired and run-down. He was wearing woolen slacks and a warm jacket but appeared to be suffering from an intense chill. His walk was slow and his gait guarded, as if he expected an attack at any moment. He appeared lucid but seemed unsure of his location. His tiredness and confusion, however, did not mask his above average intelligence. This became especially apparent to the nurses assigned to his care, one of whom reported that Holden's penetrating gaze made her feel as if he was judging her character. The patient has also displayed a penchant for sarcastic comments, especially regarding "phonies." At this time, we remain unsure of whom he is referring to when he uses this terminology.


Holden is the second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield. Mr. Caulfield works as a lawyer. His wife is a homemaker. He is one of four children born to the couple. His relationship with his parents and siblings appears to be normal. Preliminary interviews indicate that Holden had idolized his older brother, D.B., throughout his childhood. Recently, however, his opinion has reversed. D. B. Caulfield, a writer, has recently relocated to Hollywood. Holden regards this move as a misstep for his brother and has even gone so far as accusing him of prostituting himself by ag...

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...ect Phoebe and preserve her childish innocence. Luckily, under treatment, Holden is beginning to accept the fact that Phoebe cannot remain a child forever.


I recommend that Holden remain under my care at Happy Loons Hospital for the time being. I believe that participation in regular psychotherapy sessions will greatly benefit him as he negotiates his fears about adulthood. I also suggest that Holden initiate a course of Zylonconoff to stimulate the chemical production of his maturity gland. I believe that this combination of therapy and medication will result in Holden's acceptance of adulthood. Should he be able to do this, I believe the patient shall be able to attend the public high school his parents have chosen for him, as well as be able to make more mature relationships. The future looks bright for this patient.



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