Factors Leading to the Success of Who Wants to Be a Millionare Essay

Factors Leading to the Success of Who Wants to Be a Millionare Essay

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Factors Leading to the Success of Who Wants to Be a Millionare

A good quiz show benefits from great prizes which area actually worth
something. The better the prizes are the more application are going to
come in which would mean that more money is coming into the show, this
would help to increase the standard of the show as well as making it
more enjoyable to watch. Music is also essential to the success of a
quiz show, it helps to put the contestants and viewers in the right
state of mind and it also helps to build up the tension. Back before
1998, when ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ wasn’t shown, ‘the price is
right’ use to be a great viewing and that is because it had a
well-known presenter, glamorous hostesses, music, lighting and the
inter active game play features of the show, all of these things
helped to put, ‘the price is right’ on the map.

Things have changed since then and the new era of quizzes has been
ignited by ‘who wants to be a millionaire’. ‘Who wants to be a
millionaire’, has more inter active game play from ‘ the price is
right’ and ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ also has more lightning
effects which help to build up more tension. Catch phrases also help
to build up tension for example when Chris Tarrant says, ‘we don’t
wanna give you that’, when the contestant has just won a large sum of
money. This helps in two ways, comic relief as well as tension
building. The glamorous hostesses have got the boot and the money is
being spent on more interactive equipment, such as the touch screens
which are used in the answering process. The inter active equipment is
also used when the contestants are using there three lif...

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...or adverts to come in. ‘WWTBAM’ is shown ITV so breaks are possible,
they help create cliff-hangers and also give the chance for adverts to
be publicized as well.

To conclude the reasons that WWTBAM is a success are, huge cash
prizes which range from £100-£1 million, a loveable and well known
presenter, well timed cliff-hangers, enormous amounts of tension which
make the show highly enjoyable. The show also has other features such
as great catch phrases, interactive play which makes the show more
understandable to average person, involves the public by letting help
contestants. The show has also had slight medications made to it, they
have made the couples version and celebrity version as well, which
have all helped to promote the show so that it can become even more
successful than it is at this current time.

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