Holmes and Watson Do It Again- Original Writing Essay

Holmes and Watson Do It Again- Original Writing Essay

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Holmes and Watson Do It Again- Original Writing She ran up the wooden staircase, her hand brushing along the ornate
handrail, her long skirt sweeping against the red-carpet flooring. She
came to the white door, the mahogany handle shining as she reached out
and grasped it. She pulled it open in a sudden movement. The lady was
sitting, seemingly asleep, in the cushioned chair by the blazing fire.
The girl walked over to her. Then she realised the fact that would
change her life. Lady Victoria Peterson was dead. She was dead, and it
was all her fault.

A young man opened the door to us. I saw his hands were pale and
shaking, shadows under his eyes as though he had been deprived of many
hours sleep and a fearful look on his face as though he was scared of
Sherlock Holmes in his deerstalker hat and the characteristic pipe
poking out of his pocket.
“Mr Holmes,” he greeted us, “and Dr Watson, I presume? Very good to
meet you, very honoured indeed. I’ve heard so many great tales about
you. But my, how inconsiderate of me! Please, do come in and sit by
the fire. The maid will be along shortly with the tea.”
We were led along to a room of medium size on the ground floor of the
house. It was furnished exquisitely, yet simply. The large, slightly
torn armchair that sat in the corner seemed out of place somehow with
the rest of the room, the neat, smaller armchairs and the mahogany
table that stood in the middle of the room.
“Sit down, please sit down,” the man told us.
I sat ...

... middle of paper ...

...s marriage, dies.”
I sat in stunned silence for a few seconds, unable to speak.
“But why then, the flower, the letter?” I asked.
“Our murderer has a somewhat romantic mind – jealous women often do.
She thinks miss smith is the perfect suspect. Miss smith, who happens
to be named Rose. Hence the flower. A silly, girlish touch really. The
clue does not point to Rose, but to someone who would be willing to
spring the crime on her.”
“Of course!” I exclaimed. “And the letter?”
”Well that was simple, although I must admit I was nearly fooled. Who
was the maid girl who served us our tea, Watson?”
“Why, err, of course – Ellie, I believe!”
“Ellie Pierce, in fact!” the genius pointed out. “Our mystery ‘EP’!”
“Brilliant, I really don’t know how you do it, Holmes. Brilliant!”
“Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary!”

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