The Result of Having Teams Within an Organization Essay

The Result of Having Teams Within an Organization Essay

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The Result of Having Teams Within an Organization

Team working means working in groups rather than in isolation,
switching tasks as necessary and discussing ways of working more
effectively. (Adapted from Ian Macouse, Pg 412)

Team working is an attempt to maximise staff satisfaction and
involvement by organising employees into relatively small teams. These
teams may be functional or geographical.

There is a certain amount of evidence to support the idea that
individuals’ behaviour is influenced by the teams’. The Hawthorne
Studies showed that teams’ behaviour can influence workers’
motivation. (Adapted from

From a theoretical point of view, team working fits in well with
Mayo’s finding on group norms. It can also be traced back to Maslow’s
emphasis on social needs. In practical terms, modern managers like
team working because of the flexibility it implies. If worker A is
absent, there are plenty of others used to dealing with the job.
Therefore there is no disruption. (Adapted from Ian Macouse, Pg 412)

Team working also gives scope for motivating influences such as job
enrichment and quality circles.

Professor Charles Handy suggest in his book “Inside Organisations (BBC
Books, 1990) that “a good team is a great place to be, exciting,
stimulating, supportive and successful. A bad team is horrible, a sort
of human prison”. It is true that business will not benefit if the
group norms within the team discourage efforts.

Nevertheless, team working has proved successful in many companies in
recent years. Companies such as Rolls Royce, Trebor, and Komatsu have

... middle of paper ...

influence on employee commitment and identification with the business.
Cotton (1993) suggested that self directed teams have a strong effect
on employee attitudes.

In conclusion team working is not always possible and may not work
effectively, however. This may be because work cannot be redesigned
for a team. Managers may also fail to implement team work properly.
Also, certain employees may see team working as simply giving them
management responsibilities without the pay or power.


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