The Aspects of ET by John Williams Essay

The Aspects of ET by John Williams Essay

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The Aspects of ET by John Williams

Four aspects of John Williams’ ET that make the music immediately
attractive and appealing are the uses of instrumentation, accents,
pitch and rhythm.

One of the aspects includes instrumentation. Williams uses
instrumentation by using all the different instruments for different
effects. In bar 47, the brass enters with heavy homophonic fanfare
chords. This creates a bright and attractive effect, and stands out
from the rest of the music. Williams also uses strings to play the
main melodic line, this gives the music a more romantic fell and
automatically makes the music more attractive. Many technical
techniques are used within the strings in order to create a more
appealing mood. For example pizzicato is used to create this effect,
as is the use of pedal notes in bar 69 in the lower strings, this is
also used to give a bass to the ending section. Flutes double the main
tune in a lot of places; this gives the sense of the flying theme in
which Williams is trying to create (bar 9). Th...

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