Relationship Between Frankenstein and the Creature Essay

Relationship Between Frankenstein and the Creature Essay

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Relationship Between Frankenstein and the Creature

Gothic novels are written mainly to strike fear in their readers; they
also served to show the dark side of human nature. Nature is used
often to create atmosphere. It predicts forthcoming events (e.g. the
rainstorm on Victor’s wedding night foretells something evil is about
to occur).

A typical gothic tradition is the eerie atmosphere of Frankenstein.
Victor, unafraid of the dark, spends his time in vaults and charnel
houses. He visits the cemeteries at night, and such details as the
creaking doors, the soft blowing of the wind in the still of the night
and the quiet footsteps in the house all succeeds as a gothic horror
or even a ghost story.

Another element is sickness. Throughout Frankenstein, several
characters grow sick during periods of extreme stress. Sickness serves
as an escape from life’s harsh reality. It also seems to foretell
horrible future events. Science fiction explores the wonders of
discovery and achievement that may result from future developments in
science and technology. Mary Shelley, who used some of the most recent
technological finding of her time, created Frankenstein.

Frankenstein is the story of a man doomed to failure and death for his
desire to create a being so destructive, in human form that he cannot
control. Victor Frankenstein abandons to take responsibility for his
creation, resulting in the murder of his most loved ones as the
creature’s revenge. Frankenstein is disgraced with his own creation
and is unable to predict the drastic effects of giving life to a being
that could never be entirely accepted by human society. Lastly,

... middle of paper ...

... with Frankenstein telling us, or Walton, how he had
reached the boat the story then concludes in a serried of letters,
just like the story began.

In conclusion I had felt sorry for the creature, throughout the story
because he had to go from being something that had been created to
something that had to learn to live with humans. Also the creature had
only demanded one thing from Frankenstein who had promised him this,
but then abruptly changed his mind. Frankenstein should have made more
of an effort to see the creature’s point of view and how he was
feeling. Mary Shelly generates the relationship between the creature
and Frankenstein as dramatic and as interesting for a modern reader,
because it is similar to a modern relationship between 2 people. There
are always ups and downs, lies and promises that are broken.

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