Sociological Perspective of the Relationship Between Education and the Economy

Sociological Perspective of the Relationship Between Education and the Economy

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Sociological Perspective of the Relationship Between Education and the Economy

There seems to be a direct link to what goes on in schools and what
takes place at work.

The functionalist approach to education and economy is that through
socialisation education helps maintain society by introducing young
people into values and beliefs such as achievement. They argue that
education teaches what is needed within the world of work like
numeracy and literacy skills or specific skills for particular jobs.
The education system allocates people to the most appropriate jobs,
which suits their abilities using examination results. Through the
eyes of the functionalists this is seen to be fair because there is an
equal opportunity for everyone, everyone has the chance to succeed in
society on the basis of their ability. If they work hard and try hard
at school then they will succeed and climb the social ladder obtaining
a higher social status. They see education as turning pupils into
model citizens that the most able pupils will succeed and obtain the
most important jobs.

Durkheim stated that education performs the function of making
individuals feel they are members of a social group. This can be done
through lessons such as history. He believes that school teaches
pupils how to co-operate and work with others. The subjects that are
taught in schools are related to skills that are required for work.
The education system sifts and sorts the people according to their
ability and that those who want to achieve can do so despite social
class or background.

Parsons thinks that the school is the first place where they are
taught universa...

... middle of paper ...

...yed was low. There was first an assumption that unemployment
was caused by a lack of skills amongst young people. In actual fact it
could be to do with lack of jobs. Cohen stated that this attitude and
discipline training made the post 16 people ready to except low paid

In conclusion there is no one simple explanation about the
relationship between school and economy. All of the information
featured is theories and beliefs based on different perspectives. Up
to a certain point all of the theories are true and probable in
certain situation. No one can speak for the whole of society what
happens in one group might be completely different to another. I would
however be incline to put my trust in to a lot of what Paul Willis
says partly because of the way he carried out his study, it was very

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