Essay about The Simpsons Impact on Family Values

Essay about The Simpsons Impact on Family Values

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The Simpsons Impact on Family Values

The Simpsons first came to life on April 19th, 1987. It was aired as a
‘filler’ in the commercial breaks of ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ and was
animated in 30 second mini-episodes. Matt Groening, the proud producer
and creator of The Simpsons, made these 30 second episodes after being
recognized for his ‘life is hell’ comic strip and asked by a fan,
Pauly Platt, if he would be interested in coming up with ideas for an
animation. Groening ceased the opportunity and now, 18 years on The
Simpsons have become a global success and have been honored with: a
Peabody award, over 20 Emmy awards, over 50 Emmy nominations, over 20
Annie awards, four Genesis awards a Golden Globe nomination and many
more accolades.

People seem to engage with the Simpsons so well because they are
portraying the average family but obviously with some not so average
experiences. The Simpsons themselves are a simple family in a small
town in Middle America called Springfield. They are: Homer (the loyal
but stupid father), Marge (the frustrated, trapped housewife/mother),
Bart (the rebellious son), Lisa (the unappreciated genius daughter),
and Maggie (the silent baby). This is a model family that many other
families may relate to or in someway mirror, but the main difference
being that the Simpsons qualities are exaggerated. On the other hand
there are people that dislike the Simpsons, possibly because they
think people viewing the programmes will stereotype American families
due to the Simpson family. People who don’t like the Simpsons may feel
that people watching it will ‘bracket off’ all American men, for
example, as being g...

... middle of paper ...

promotes the fact in the programme that people should not be so
judgemental until they have seen both sides of an argument. In this
episode Homer is bought to justice after Willy shows him a tape of
what happened (because he had secretly been filming them) so in the
end justice is done. This is another value ‘The Simpsons’ promotes
consistently through all its episodes (except Halloween specials).

Overall I think the Simpsons can be seen to be promoting family values
or setting bad examples depending on how much you are willing to open
your mind up to the programme. Personally I think the Simpsons are a
modal family who have big hearts and always manage to pull through for
each other and I believe that if all families had the amount of love
that is in the Simpson family the world would be a much better place.

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