Exploring Why Communism Wasn't Defeated in 1918 Essay

Exploring Why Communism Wasn't Defeated in 1918 Essay

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Exploring Why Communism Wasn't Defeated in 1918

The Russian civil war began in 1918, in the former Russian empire; the
war was between the new communist government, the Bolsheviks, and
those who opposed it collectively known as The Whites. Surprisingly,
The Whites were defeated by the Reds in late 1920, but the question is
why were the communists operating such an unpopular regime able to be
victorious and remain in control.

The civil war started due to many factors, but the key was the
collapse of the former Russian empire in 1917/1918. This
disintegration created several territories and after Lenin decreed
that any such territories wanting self-determination were free to
split from Russia, many independent territories were born. This
caused a number of problems, Soviets took control of large areas to
pursue their own policies, Volga Tatars and Bashkis set up republics.
The Russian civil war was fought by many to gain self-government and
by others who wanted to keep a unified Russian empire.

The Bolsheviks harsh control of Russia had made them many enemies, in
the form of political opposition. Many of these opposing groups
organised armed revolts against the communists; however, it was not
just within Russia that the Bolsheviks had opposition. The allies
strongly opposed Bolshevik control of Russia. In early November 1917
the London Morning Post called for military action to be taken against
the communists, a few weeks later Trotsky published ‘Secret Treaties’
which was signed by the Tsar and the allies during the Great War.
These revealed the allies plans to seize territory once Germany was
defeated, in light of these rev...

... middle of paper ...

...d to the whites as propaganda, portraying the western
capitalists as operating through the whites. Foreign intervention had
backfired. Propaganda was a powerful tool in winning the support of
the people; The Communists used propaganda to show the war was one
against evil, evil taking the form of Tsarism, the bourgeoisie and
foreign capital.

The Red terror was another key to Red victory, strict controlling and
monitoring upon certain areas kept active opposition low; suspects
were arrested by the cheka. People were afraid to speak out against
the communist regime, potential opposition was kept to a minimum.

In conclusion the forces opposed to communism were unable to overthrow
it due to a lack of organisation. Unlike the Reds with strong leaders,
they were weak and segmented with different aims for fighting the war.

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