The Difficulties of the Attempts to Find a Peace Settlement Between the Palestinians and the Jews

The Difficulties of the Attempts to Find a Peace Settlement Between the Palestinians and the Jews

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The Difficulties of the Attempts to Find a Peace Settlement Between the Palestinians and the Jews

The Palestinians and the Jews have been fighting over the land of
Palestine. Both believe that they have greater claim than the other.
The Jews believe the land is theirs because they had lived there
centuries ago, it was the land promised by God to Abraham thousands of
years ago. The Palestinian Arabs believe the land is theirs because
ever since the Jews left, the Arabs have been living there.

In 1993 the Jewish and Palestinian leaders (Rabin and Arafat) signed a
peace agreement which promised; Israeli troops would be withdrawn from
most of the West Bank and Gaza, elections would be held for a
Palestinian leadership for five years, during these five years a final
settlement would be discussed. Sadly this peace agreement was not
fully implemented, as the Jewish Israeli leader Rabin, was shot by
another Jew in 1995. I think the peace agreement was not fully carried
out because the hatred and mistrust between the two sides and also
because of the ongoing disagreements between them.

The trouble began at around 1880 because the Jews wished to settle in
Palestine, these Jews were called Zionists. After WWI Britain was
given a mandate (where a country controls another country until they
are deemed fit to rule themselves) of Palestine, the Palestinian saw
this as a betrayal because during the war Britain had said they would
be ‘prepared to recognise and support the independence of the Arabs’
so the Arabs rebelled against their Turkish rulers and found
themselves ruled by Britain. Around the time of WWII Jews were
persecuted by Hitler, world...

... middle of paper ...

...d the land the encouraged Israelis to go live there to give
them more grounds to keep the land. If the land was ever given back to
the Arabs then Israel argues that the Israelis living there would be
in danger. Recently in the news Israel has said they will force the
Jews to move out of some of the disputed territories to give it back
to Arabs, whether this is made a reality remains to be seen.

In conclusion I think the reason peace is so hard to find in the
Middle East is because there are many subjects which both sides refuse
to back down on. In 1993 there was hope for progress in peace but then
Rabin was shot and peace processes ground to a halt. The way things
appear to be going it seems that the peace process will be locked in a
stalemate until the Israelis and the Palestinians are prepared to make

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