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Report on Tesco's PLC Essay

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Report on Tesco's PLC

The organisation in which I have decided to produce a written report
on is Tesco's PLC as they are proving to be the most dominating
organisation within the supermarket market despite Wal-Mart taking
over Safeway’s. Tesco's as an organisation is classed as the leading
supermarket within Britain, it is also the national leader within the
food sector. It is now a global organisation as tesco stores are
available in countries such as Ireland, Asia and Central Europe. The
largest Tesco store is situated in Newcastle. In 1997 Tesco's opened
their first Tesco's Extra store which has been running successfully
for the past eight years.

Tesco is a leading European based retailer with retail outlets in the
UK, Ireland, France, Central Europe and Asia. They have over 900
stores world-wide and serve over 14 million customers per week in the
UK alone. Tesco's offer food, non food and additional services for
consumers including banking and home shopping.

Tesco's responsibilities lay both internally and externally, by
internal responsibilities Tescos ensure that they look after their
employees and as to how the business is ran, and by external
responsibilities Tescos must ensure that they manage their other
branches within UK and the other countries in which they have

Tesco's have stated that their strategies focus upon four main areas
which are Strong UK Core business, Non- Food markets, Tesco's are
currently expanding upon this by opening non food stores within the UK
to target a wider range of customers and diversifying their current
market from just food products, Retailing Services and International...

... middle of paper ...

...will aid them to make more sales. The environmental
factors which are holding Tesco's back is the decrease in oil which
has resulted in an increase in the price which is an issue which has
affected all businesses and can not be prevented.

Tesco's success over the past years has been a result of using
innovative methods such as expanding overseas, shifting to 'higher
margin' non-food merchandise and maintaining a strong UK core
business. Tesco's success from the UK has accumulated from low prices,
maintaining customer loyalty, offering customers a wider range of
stores and expanding into retailing services, such as banking and
insurance, internet, mobile phones and online shopping facilities.


Tesco and Asda are the price-cutters and they are the ones who have
grown their businesses during the past five years

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