1890 Europe As An Area of Growing Tension Essay

1890 Europe As An Area of Growing Tension Essay

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1890 Europe As An Area of Growing Tension

Around 1890 it was apparent that conflict in Europe was almost
inevitable, due to many factors to sides (armed camps) had aroused
these were; The Triple Entente and The Triple Alliance, through wars
and turbulence in Europe the eventual outcome was the outbreak of the
first world war. The western powers expanded colonies. However,
national rivalries gradually grew and alliance camps emerged. Economic
competition and arms race also became intense. The Balkans became a
hotpot of western intervention, as the Ottoman Empire declined.
Finally war broke out in 1914, a war which was unexpectedly disastrous
and destructive in scale. The war was caused by a number of interwoven

The first of these factors being nationalism.In 19th Century Europe
the desire of subject peoples for independence (This led to a series
of national struggles for independence among the Balkan peoples. Other
powers got involved and caused much instability.). The desire of
independent nations for dominance and prestige. As the powers try to
dominate each other in Europe, their rivalries may be regarded as one
of the causes of the First World War.

Germany was united in 1871 as a result of the Franco-Prussian War, and
she rapidly became the strongest economic and military power in
Europe. From 1871 to 1890, Germany wanted to preserve her hegemony in
Europe by forming a series of peaceful alliances with other powers,
one of these powers was Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary was
established as the Dual Monarchy in 1867. The Dual Monarchy ruled over
a large empire consisting of many nationalities, but only the

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... accelerated from 1880 onwards. Colonial rivalries were a cause of the
First World War for two main reasons; firstly, colonial rivalries led
to strained relations among the European powers. In Africa, all the
European powers except Austria and Russia had colonies there. Thus
there were many clashes among France, Britain, Germany and Italy.
Secondly, colonial rivalry led to indirectly to the formation and
strengthening of alliances and ententes.

So when all these smaller rivalries, alliances and other European
matters are put together they put together a complicated yet
understandable web of reasons why that in 1890 Europe was an area of
growing tension, sowing the seeds of its own destruction, which in
1914 was proven with the outbreak of the First World War which had
seemed inevitable for forty years previous to it!

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