Essay The Human Society

Essay The Human Society

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The Human Society

Over 150,000 years have past since the first human being was alive. He
lived in Africa, and is said to be our common ancestor. Therefore, he
is the one who gave us all our genes, and is the person from whom we
evolved. Since then, the human race has had a significant growth in
population, thinking abilities and social interactions. The qualities
and new abilities that the human race has acquired is something that
no other animal kingdom or a living thing has surpassed. The human
race is a divine civilization that should be admired because we are
groups of individuals who use our brains to create new technology,
carefully produce medicines that prevent illnesses, and have created
surgical procedures that cure diseases.

From the beginning, the human race has been able to produce a great
amount of technology that has deeply affected our existence. These
advances include: matches, the x-ray machine, and genetic engineering.
Our technology has had a tremendous growth since the times when we
used sticks and rocks to induce fire. Matches are technological
advantages that has helped us eat and provided us with fire. Fire is
necessary for humans because we must maintain a warm internal
environment. If we did not have matches to start a fire and cook we
would obtain various harmful diseases. Another technological invention
that we humans have invented and that we should be proud of is the
x-ray. The x-ray is a piece of technology that has saved many lives.
With the x-ray, some diseases are identified and can be carefully
studied to come up with solutions to cure or help treat diseases. An
additional technological invent...

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... The surgery process is precise, and when the
surgeons deal with the human heart, the surgery will take weeks to be
performed on the patient. What is definitely astounding is the process
in which the heart is manually transplanted into the patient that
needs the heart. In the human body, if the heart is impaired or not
functional we would eventually die. Therefore, the greatness of heart
surgery is that we are helping humans survive.

Having a brain and many qualities that we ourselves have no
explanation too, has helped the human race become the most dominant.
We humans are intellectuals that should be proud of the attributes
that were passed on from generations to generations. Therefore, the
human race should keep on improving on what we now have, because if we
keep on being pessimistic, we will never be optimistic.

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