Conflict Resolution as a Key to a Successful Team Essay

Conflict Resolution as a Key to a Successful Team Essay

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Conflict Resolution as a Key to a Successful Team

Team conflict is difficult to avoid when two or more people are forced
to make a unanimous decision on an issue. Numerous factors contribute
to how people think, and when people don't think alike an aurguement
is inevitable. Conflict can result in a negative experience if the
team members are unable to resolve issues due to incompatible ideas,
but can be turned into a positive experience by following a process
designed to address and resolve each level of the dispute.

The three key points that can be derived from Capozzoli's article are
(1) that conflict is inevitable when two or more people are working
together; (2) that conflict can be either beneficial or detrimental to
the dynamics of the team; and (3) that when conflict is managed
properly and ultimately resolved, the results can enhance a team's

Conflict in a team environment arises when members of a team share and
insist on incompatible viewpoints on an issue that the team needs to
resolve. Acco...

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