The Effect of Television Violence on Children Essays

The Effect of Television Violence on Children Essays

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The Effect of Television Violence on Children

Television can be a powerful influence in developing value systems
and shaping behavior; The violence that children are constantly
subjected to on television can have very harmful affects if not
monitored carefully. More and more often parents are using television
as a means of entertaining their children when they are unable to, and
the amount of television that children are watching is a growing
concern in our society. While a large part of the concern is the
quantity of television that young people are viewing, a more pressing
issue is the quality that is offered to them. While cartoons may seem
to be harmless and humorous, that is not always the case. A good
portion of the violence that is on television is captured in Saturday
morning cartoons, when children are most likely to be captivated by
them. This proves to be highly dangerous with young minds because some
children at tender ages are unable to understand or grasp the concept
of reality versus fantasy. This leaves children at risk of
understanding cartoons to be real life and 'copy catting' their
heroes, that were praised for their actions.

As society begins to realize the full impact of violence on television
for young children they are starting to work towards making parents
more aware of what their child is viewing while they are out of the
room. Because every child and every household is different it is
difficult to measure how a single child will be impacted, by viewing
excessive violence on the screen. This is why it is imperative that
parents are the ones to take responsibility for what their child is
viewing as t...

... middle of paper ... as other times it may take some simple explaining to help
the child understand that what they are seeing is not real. The key is
for parents to take an interest in their children's viewing habits and
to sit down and discuss what they are watching and the implications of
what they are seeing as well as monitoring the amount of time that
they are spending in front of the television set.

Without proper control, the television can be a very powerful and very
suggestive and dangerous mode of information. The violence that
children are constantly subjected to on television can have very
harmful effects if not monitored carefully. What kind of world would
we live in we all solved our problems by pulling out a sword and
fighting to the death, or kicking our opponents until eventually they
disappeared into a cloud of dust?

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