English Horror Story - Original Writing Essay

English Horror Story - Original Writing Essay

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English Horror Story - Original Writing

I was driving for about three hours when I realised I had taken the
wrong turning and was hopelessly lost. I pulled over to the side and
found my mobile phone in order to phone for help. Surprisingly, the
battery had run completely low and I began to feel a sense of panic as
it was rapidly becoming darker. In the distance, I saw the outline of
a house and I thought that I could detect smoke coming out of the
chimney. I decided that I had no option but to make my way to the
house and ask for directions and for the use of the telephone as my
family would be getting worried about me.

I drove to the house which was completely isolated and as I pulled up
outside, my car engine abruptly cut out. In the car seat, I sat and
pondered what to do. I looked up at the house and noticed that the
house almost appeared to be normal however the lack of light made the
house seem somewhat ghostly and dooming. The house also seemed to be
illuminated around its edges, giving it an eerie and unnatural glow.
However, I had no choice but to approach the house, because my other
option was to stay in my car, where it was becoming increasing cold as
I could feel the cold biting through my coat.

Trembling, I swung open the car door and stepped out of the car.
Surprisingly, the ground was muddy and wet, but I could not recall any
rain during my journey. I carried on, with my shoes squelching,
leaving a trial of mud behind me. Up ahead, I saw a shimmering object.
I squinted, trying to make out what the object was, but the light was
too bright. As I approached the house, I saw the object for what it
really was - a fie...

... middle of paper ...

... was no lie. I
realised that Montgomery had no son.

"I think it is about time we have a little talk." Death said

"Am I going to die?"

"That depends."

"On what?"

"You!" he said sharply.

"Me? Why me? What have I done?" I confusingly asked.

"You are my successor."

"ME?" I said in disbelief, "I wouldn't hurt a fly let alone kill

"It's in your blood."

"In my blood? What do you mean?." I asked dreading the answer.

"Before, when you thought I had no son, you were wrong. 24 years ago,
my son was born. You are my son. You are the rightful heir to this
title. I am past my time. You are now Death."

I looked up at Montgomery and simultaneously, we laughed our evil
laugh and I felt my heart beating its last beat and suddenly I had no
need to breathe.


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