The Traditions and Holidays of Great Britain Essay

The Traditions and Holidays of Great Britain Essay

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The Traditions and Holidays of Great Britain

Every nation and every country has its own traditions and customs.
Traditions make a nation special. Some of them are old-fashioned and
many people remember them, others are part of peopleÂ’s life. Some
British customs and traditions are known all the world.

From Scotland to Cornwall, Britain is full of customs and traditions.
A lot of them have very long histories. Some are funny and some are
strange. But they are all interesting. There is the long menu of
traditional British food. There are many royal occasions. There are
songs, saying and superstitions. They are all part of the British way
of life.

You cannot really imagine Britain without all its traditions, this
integral feature of social and private life of the people living on
the British Isles that has always been an important part of their life
and work.

English traditions can classified into several groups: traditions
concerning the EnglishmenÂ’s private life (childÂ’s birth, wedding,
marriage, wedding anniversary); which are connected with families
incomes; state traditions; national holidays, religious holidays,
public festival, traditional ceremonies.

What about royal traditions? There are numerous royal traditions in
Britain, some are ancient, others are modern.

The Queen is the only person in Britain with two birthdays. Her real
birthday is on April 21st, but she has an “official” birthday, too.
That is on the second Saturday in June. And on the QueenÂ’s official
birthday, there is a traditional ceremony called the Trooping of the
Colour. It is a big parade with brass bands and hundreds of soldiers
at ...

... middle of paper ...

...many rules about hand shaking as the
Chinese did about bowing. A man could not offer his hand first a lady;
young ladies did not shake menÂ’s hands at all unless they were old
friends; married ladies could offer their hands in a room, but not in
public, where they would bow slightly.

I have chosen the topic British customs traditions because I enjoy
learning the English language and wanted to know more about British
ways of life and traditions. Working on this topic I have to
conclusion that British people are very conservative. They are proud
pf their traditions and carefully keep them up. It was interesting to
know that foreigners coming to England are stuck at once by quite a
number of customs and peculiarities.

So I think of Britain as a place a lot of different types of people
who observe their traditions.

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