Essay on The American War of Independence's Impact on Europe

Essay on The American War of Independence's Impact on Europe

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The American War of Independence's Impact on Europe

The impact of the American War of independence was as diverse as it
was complex. It’s ideology rendered the masses in Paris aflame and
ultimately some historians suggest it caused the French revolution.
However, outside France it’s ideological effect was more subdued and
it’s main impact was economic as a result of the war. There were some
advantageous long term trade opportunities which in time were good for
the various economies however it’s direct results as for most post-war
economies were terrible.

The American War of independence deeply influenced the political life
in Britain as Evans suggests : « Defeat profoundly affected political
life ». North resigned in March 1782 as a result of the war, his
departure initiated two years of grave instability during which « the
respective rights of the King and commons were unsettlingly rehearsed
». Military reverses and the increased taxes to which war inevitably
leads unbalanced the political scene and the proof of this is the
resurgence of the Whig opposition and the brief period of
parliamentary reform associations between 1778 and 1782 were both
largely attributable to discontent provoked by war. However although
there was discontent due to the war probably because of the military
defeat, there was no considerable increase in numbers, or power, of
those seaking more liberties and democracy in Britain.

The impact of the war on the economy threatened the well-being of
Britain. The volume of British exports, which flourished for much of
the century, declined by almost 20 percent between 1772 and 1780 ;
exports to North American ...

... middle of paper ... on Britain for it’s own dreams of expansions not because
it agreed with American ideology. They attacked Gibraltar failing to
conquer it, but managed to take Minorca and Florida which they were
allowed to keep at the treaty of Versailles. Their victory and gain of
territory provided a moral boost for the spanish armed forces however
there were some later political repercussions as, as May suggests : «
the foundation of the US which Spain had supported, encouraged her
colonies to seek their independence ».

The impact of the American War of Independence took on many forms and
shapes and varied from country to country so that in France « the
price to be paid for American Independence was a French Revolution »
while in Spain, ideologically and politically nothing of real
significance beyond the cost of war took place.

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