Essay about Women in the Math World

Essay about Women in the Math World

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Women in the Math World
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Math is commonly known as the man’s major. Many college math
professors are men and the same goes for their students. "One study
revealed that women accounted for 15% of students in computer science,
16% in electrical engineering,. . . Gender splits in the faculty were
similar" (Cukier). There are few women that have made an impact on
the math society compared with the number of men. A person can ramble off
names such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Pythagoras of Samos, and
Jean-François Niceron. Where are the women mathematicians? This
paper will examine the lives of women that have made an impact on the
world of mathematics. There might be more men in the field of
mathematics however the women that have made contributions need to be
seen as equals. Three women that have made an impact include Mary
Fairfax Somerville, Maria Gaetana Agnesi and Charlotte Angas Scott.

Mary Fairfax Somerville was born on December 26, 1780 into a wealthy
family of a vice admiral in the British Navy. While growing up she
recieved little formal education. The one year that she spent in a
boarding school for girls in Musselburgh, she endured a life full of
rules and because unhappy. Mary became interested in mathematics
while reading a women's fashion magnize. She noticed symbols in the
magazine that she had not noticed before and asked her brother's tutor
about the symbols. She convinced him to purchase some math for her
for futher examination. Her studies in math did not go farther then
this until after she married and her husband died, leaving her in good
economic ...

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... first Council when the AMS began in
1894. She and her first Ph.D. student were two of nine women among a
250 AMS membership. She again served on the AMS Council from 1899 -
1901 and in 1905 she became the vice-president" (Cite). She is
credited with being the author of the first mathematical research
paper written in the US to be widely recognized in Europe. After
retirement she returned back to London and where she helped other
women pursure careers in mathematics.

In Conclusion, women have made major contributions to the field of
mathematics. Their formuals might not be the most famous and widely
used however these three women paved a way for many women today in the
field of mathematics. Despite the low numbers of women in the math
world, the women that do succeed make an impact that will not be

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