Essay on The Banister Athletics Club

Essay on The Banister Athletics Club

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The Banister Athletics Club
The Banister athletics club has just requested for me to help them
draw up a suitable code of practice and would like it to promote its
use with players, coaches and spectators.


In athletics there is a responsibility for attentiveness for the
necessity of safety precautions and the observance at all times by
spectators and participants alike.

The people who are in charge should make sure that all members are
completely aware of the potential hazards involved and observe the
rules that must be followed.

Equal opportunity policy

This club aims to provide an environment where all members, coaches
and spectators can feel welcome and participants in particular to have
the opportunity to achieve their full potential with a feeling of
esteem. No-one should be harassed or discriminated against because of
their age, disability, colour, race ethnic origin, nationality,
gender, religion or sexual orientation. The club encourages anyone
with a disability to inform staff. This enables the staff to help
where needed. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated on
these premises. Any one found in breech of this rule will no longer
be welcome to join our club.

Track Events

Spikes can be dangerous if not used with responsibility, due care and
attention. Members should be shown the safety precautions at the
earliest opportunity.

Races that have one lap or less should be run in lanes. This becomes
more important when there is a change over in relay races this rule
should be obligatory.

Races that have more than one lap shoul...

... middle of paper ...

...should praise the
children more and use their names more.

My second session was coaching 15 – 16 year olds for a netball
tournament. The feedback was excellent. They commented that all my
equipment was checked for any damage before use and checked that it
was available. Overall the conveyance of the session went smoothly.
The participants were given clear instructions of what was expected of
them. The code of conduct was not made very clear at the beginning of
the session. The comments given about my performance as a coach were
above average.

The evaluation given was good. It was said that the session went
well, both coach and participants were happy. I was told that my
session started off a bit slow, but picked up the pace in the end.
However it was that the activity was carried out enthusiastically.

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