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Marketing Services Ltd.
Marketing Services Ltd is currently planning a product launch for the
‘Umbrella Company Ltd.’ In a short period of time ‘Umbrella Company
Ltd’ shall be importing ‘Regenerate’ – A face wash for men for the
first time in Malta.

‘Umbrella Company Ltd.’ are the sole importers of ‘Regenerate’

As Marketing Services Ltd. we were asked to form part of the team who
will prepare, the product launch of ‘Regenerate’ a face wash for men.

Section 1: Promoting two products to two different market segments

The Consumer Market

The ‘Regenerate’ For Men target audience are; the individuals and
households, further detail is given below.


Family Life Cycle: Young and Single

Age: 15 – 25 years old

Gender Male

Income: Lm 480 +

Occupation: Students

Education: Secondary students

Post secondary students

University students and

First jobbers

Social Class: Working class +

Life style: Actualisers



Personality: Gregarious



Benefits: Seeking a quality product

User Status: First-time user

Usage rate: Heavy user

Readiness Stage: Ready to buy


Loyalty status: Strong

Attitude toward product: Enthusiastic

Motive: To have a fresh and young look and to get rid of any unwanted

Households – Young Married Couples

Family Size Cycle: Young, Married with children

Young, Married without children

Age: 26 – 35

Income: LM 3,000 +

Occupation: Professional & technical



... middle of paper ...

...her our suppliers are distributing the product on


Books used:

· Armstrong Gary & Kotler Phillip, 2003, Marketing An Introduction 6th
Edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey

* Cohen Willam A., 1995, The Marketing Plan, John Wiley & Sons,

* Stokes David, 1997, Marketing 3rd Edition, Continuum, London

* Yeshin Tony, 2001, Integrated Marketing Communications,
Butterworth-Henemann, Oxford

Website used:






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