Creative Writing: Eveline Essay

Creative Writing: Eveline Essay

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She watched, as Frank and the many passengers aboard the boat sailed
away into the darkening night. The reflection of the boat in the water
highlighted by the moonlight began to fade just like Eveline’s dreams
of a new life. Eveline could not believe that the opportunity to leave
Ireland and her monotonous mundane life had been thrown away, for what
was a split second decision, which she now deeply regretted.

Her grip on the rusted iron railings gradually decreased and
eventually her hands fell to her sides. She turned softly and started
to walk home, taking every step slowly, expressing how she felt in
every pace she took, confused, upset and at a loss.

Rain had begun to fall, bashing down against the terraced houses and
the crooked laid cobble stones along side the now muddy dirt tracks.
Eveline, still greatly disappointed at her split second decision,
wasn’t phased by the sudden change in weather. Her floral dress
drenched, her hair dripping and frizzy from the rain fall and her feet
bathing in her shoes full of murky, stagnant water didn’t bother her.

As she reached her street and turned to face her house, she could see
the silhouette of a person in the door way. A voice sounding rough
and slurred shouted ;

“Decided to come back have you”

The voice that emanated from the door way was that of her fathers.
Eveline’ s reply was blunt

“Yes I have father”

The voice being slurred was a sure sign that her father had been
drinking, because he was a drunkard. Eveline also knew her father
would become violent when drunk so she kept calm, trying not to upset

She approached the door way, replying to her ...

... middle of paper ...

... looked at her form and then at Eveline, inwardly
regretting what had to be said.

“I’m awful sorry, your not old enough to enrol, you have to be at
least twenty three”

Eveline’s response was delayed. Eveline looked at the time in the
hallway, and then nodded with acknowledgement that she could not enrol
and left.

The morning was considerably warmer than the night before. Eveline,
removed her overthrow as she was too hot. She had to find a job. She
didn’t want to return to Ireland. The day passed and fortunately
Eveline had found a place to live with her new employer who had given
her a job as a scullery maid.

The months passed by. Eveline was now comfortable and a lot happier.
She had found herself a boyfriend, a stable job, and a nice home.
Ireland was now in the past and her home was to be Liverpool.

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