Essay on Childbearing Among Teenagers

Essay on Childbearing Among Teenagers

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Childbearing Among Teenagers
During the past 40 years teenagers have been identified with having
many social problems such as drug abuse, suicide, criminal behavior
and childbearing. Even though these concerns have not shown a
significant threat to the welfare of future generations, there has
been considerable effort, especially in industrialized countries, to
control and prevent these issues. Teenage pregnancy, in particular,
has made an impressive improvement over recent years.[1] Compared to
the last three decades, 33% less teenagers in Canada were pregnant in
2001 according to Statistics Canada (Medical News Today, 2004). When
analyzing teenage pregnancy rates in industrialized countries, Canada
and Great Britain’s rates were modest when compared to the low rates
in Sweden and France and the highest rate in the United States (The
Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2001).

Parents, teachers, community leaders and service providers have
increased the motivation of youth to achieve higher levels of
education, enforced sexual education in schools to promote effective
contraceptive use and greater social support for services related to
both pregnancy and disease prevention among adolescents. There is an
increasing indication that the developed world is beginning to realize
that the most influential pregnancy prevention strategy is to ensure
that adolescents have opportunities, which allow them to make the
decisions that will safeguard their own futures. They are at a
vulnerable crossroad in their lives and are in need of guidance and
support (Tunick, 1996). The slowly falling teen pregnancy rates in
western industriali...

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...). Can More Progress Be Made?
Teenage Sexual and Reproductive Behavior in Developed Countries
[Electronic Version] Executive Summary. Retrieved on December 1, 2004

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (2004). Teen
Pregnancy- So What? Retrieved on December 4, 2005 from

Tunick, Barbara (1996). Issues in Brief: Risks and Realities of Early
Childbearing Worldwide. Retrieved from Populations Studies Center at
The University of Western Ontario on December 2, 2004. The Alan
Guttmacher Institute.


[1]Pregnancy figures are equal to the sum of live births, therapeutic
abortions and miscarriages. Teenagers discussed are ages 15-19.

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