Essay The Social and Cultural Changes in the Sixties

Essay The Social and Cultural Changes in the Sixties

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The Social and Cultural Changes in the Sixties There was undoubtedly a significant social and cultural change in the
sixties. The 60’s represents a year of social and cultural liberation
from the old ways of the 40’s and the 50’s because there was more
affluence, consumer goods i.e. televisions and radios, increase in
education i.e. 22 more universities were established and saw the
emergence of comprehensive schools, sexual liberation, immigration and
women’s rights. However, it could also be seen that the sixties was a
result of continuity from the late 50’s which started the revolution
and continued through to the 70’s. The fact that it is important to
recognise that social revolution wasn’t happening everywhere, for
example, the Women’s Institute flower shop. Thus we can see that there
was a Social revolution but it was limited as some people were not
affected by the goings on of the revolution.

Social change in the 1960’s was not universal as it did not affect
everyone, it concerned mostly the educated middle class, and there
were variations according to age, class and religion. The very fact
that the advance of women, for example began before the First World
War, was accelerated by the Second World War, and was still not
complete in the 1990’s. Arguments suggest that if there was a social
revolution then there is a big question as to why it didn’t last very
long. It is clear to see that there was a social revolution but it has
not affected everyone.

The sixties saw an expansion of higher education for the youth culture

... middle of paper ...

...from the late 50’s
and the early 70’s in terms of education, feminism, consumer goods,
immigration and government legislations it is clear to me that there
was a Sixties revolution to some extent. Also acknowledging the fact
that revolution means having a dramatic change I believe that there
were a lot of dramatic changes in the Sixties. However, I don’t
believe that this revolution had started in the Sixties because it is
my belief that it had started in the late 50’s but it was catalysed by
the Second World War. One must also ask if there was a sixties
revolution then why did it not last? And if it was a time of greater
equality why did the cold war continue? There had been a lot of social
and cultural changes for example people had greater freedoms in
fashion and self expression which was not recognised in the 50’s.

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