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Having a Definite Answer to a Question
Some questions do not have definite answers and are usually judgments
of value. This means that they cannot be proved true or false, they
include; religious judgments, aesthetic judgments and moral judgments.
They aspire to be as definite as judgments of fact. However it is
debatable as to whether them not having a definite answer makes them
more or less important. We find that as we discover the answers to new
scientific questions we can expand our knowledge. However it is the
questions that we cannot answer that which are remembered most
prominently in history and that inspire films and literature, for
example what is beauty? This essay will discuss whether all questions
can have a definite answer and whether having a definite answer makes
a question more or less important.

Judgments of fact are the only one which can have definite answers;
they can be proven true or false. They can be either inductive or
deductive. Inductive is scientific and is bases on empirical evidence,
evidence from the senses. It is contingent and not as definite as
deductive as the senses can lie and laboratory experiments are
constantly changing in light of new measuring devices and other
equipment. Deductive reasoning is from logic and mathematics and is
definite. Truths derived from logic or mathematics are referred to as
apriori truths, meaning they do not refer to human experience.

Judgments of value, however, are different, in that they cannot be
proven true or false. There are three types of judgments of value;
aesthetic judgments, religious judgment and moral judgments. Judgments
of value are subjective...

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...t moral or immoral, such as lying. The utilitarian
theory is good because the theory refers to human emotion and desires;
however it ignores the rights of the minority and does not account for
human differences. Enlightened self-interest does encourage working
together, however it does not give an exact definition of what is
moral. Therefore after looking at these theories I have noticed that
there is no exact way of proving morals with reason and that moral
judgment is still on the basis of personal opinion. Lastly is the
question of whether having a definite answer makes a question more or
less important. While judgments of fact are important because they
widen our knowledge, it is the ambiguous questions that seem the most
important. It is they which inspire art and to which has been
dedicated much work and thought.

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