Dear Journal- Personal Narrative Essay

Dear Journal- Personal Narrative Essay

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Dear Journal- Personal Narrative
(Absolute & Relative Location)

Day 1 – August 2, 2005.

I’ve arrived in Australia this morning. What a flight! It took me 11
hours, and I feel like sleeping but it’s only mid-day. The time zone
difference is at its max with Australia being 19 hours ahead of
Vancouver. Geez, it’s going to take me all week to get over this jet
lag. Not only is the time backwards, but also when you flush the water
spins the opposite way, makes me feel sorta homesick. Though in the
southern hemisphere and eastern hemisphere, here lies Sydney at 33
55°S, 151 10E°, one of the most magnificent places on the face of the
earth, in my opinion. Its been three years since my last visit to
Sydney, I came here last as just a vacation to run away from the
ordinary. Melbourne compared to Sydney, which Sydney is just 600km in
the northeast direction, is slightly smaller than Sydney, and they are
dual primate cities in

Australia. I prefer Sydney mainly because of the site of the beautiful
Sydney Opera House, and its proximity to the Tasmen Sea. Also Sydney,
being on the east coast of Australia, experiences better climatic
conditions, more temperate. Anyway, its scorching hot anywhere in
Australia right about now, god bless the tilting of the earth to make
my vacation so toasty.

Good night/good morning, or whatever it may be,

Christine Yablonka

Dear Journal, (Place: Physical & Human Description)

Day 2 – August 3, 2005.

I decided for my first real day in Sydney, being a pilot, I would take
myself for a scenic flight. Can’t let that license go to waste. I took
off at a small airfield on the outski...

... middle of paper ...

...8 called Warringah Expressway, and there is only one
tunnel built in

1992, only to relieve traffic congestion on the Sydney Harbour
Bridge…its called the Sydney Tunnel…they really have inventive names.
Transportation to the rural areas aren’t really important as 85% of
the population lives in the suburbs. Transportation in information is
just the same as in Canada, TV, newspapers, word of mouth, and
internet (9.47 million people have internet). So taking all this into
account I decided to take the train system. The train took me north to
Hornby, then around to Parramatta, and back into the CBD. After this
adventure I was 2 hours away from my plane departure at Sydney’s
largest airport, Kingsford Smith International. So I bid farewell to
Australia, and the beautiful and informative city of Sydney, New South

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