The Representation of Men and Women in the Media Essay

The Representation of Men and Women in the Media Essay

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The Representation of Men and Women in the Media

Men and women are both represented differently in the media these
days. Ironically it was even represented differently in the title of
this essay. Men came before women! I am writing an essay to explain
how men and women are represented in the media. I will show you my
understanding of how in the past women were marginalised in the media
and how men were shown as powerful figures. I will use the following
sources in my essay: Kenzo perfume for women advert (4.2a), Yves Saint
Laurent perfume for men advert (4.2b), IBM global services (4.14a),
Lanvin (4.14b). I will analyse these sources in my main body.

In the past fifty years women have been marginalised and were
represented as the weaker sex. The woman in the Kenzo advert is
represented stereotypically as a weak human. For example this can be
seen when the woman is bare footed, full of laughter, innocence and
leaning on an object. The woman leaning on the object signifies that
the woman cannot live without this perfume. This also could signify
that she is weak or is nothing without the perfume. Being full of
laughter and looking innocent signifies that this is stereotypically
feminine in terms of gender. Another example is how the woman is
represented standing sideways, wearing a white dress and is not
standing straight. Her not standing straight signifies how weak and
feeble she is. Not being able to stand straight signifies that the
woman is not complete. Wearing white dresses signifies that the woman
is a virgin, this is stereotypically feminine. Most people used to see
women as innocent virgins. Another example is how the picture...

... middle of paper ...

...s. This was very
stereotypical. Women are still used to sell objects. People still find
this more appealing, they like to see women exposing their bodies. So
producers tend to use women more in their productions and adverts.
Stereotypes play a big role in the world today, as producers rely
heavily on gender stereotypes. It could be a positive because gender
stereotypes allows the audience to decode the code instantly.

However people can debate that the world is changing and that gender
stereotypes are being ignored as I proved in the last two adverts. On
the other hand I still believe that the media still use gender
stereotypes. It is a big negative, to me because I love girls and I
don’t like seeing them used.

So I believe that gender stereotypes should not be used, because it
could be damaging to some people.

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