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Sport Psychology
For this assignment I shall use a team of my choice as a sporting
example of group work and leadership. I will identify the different
kind of leader within that group and the style of leadership that they

The team I have chose to use is Manchester United; a team, which I
believe, has many leaders and not just the manager and captain.

A team is a group of people who must interact with each other in order
to accomplish shared objectives. A team must have:

Ø Interaction between members.

Ø Positive feeling between members.

Ø A collective identity, be different from others.

Ø Share common goal, have the same objectives.

Groups go through a four-stage development sequence to move from
being just a collection of individuals to becoming a team:

(Tuckman 1965)

1. Forming: getting to know others and the roles that they play i.e.
captain, position and manager.

2. Storming: conflict between members, rebellion against leader in
order to establish roles.

3. Norming: co-operation replaces conflict. Group cohesion develops.

4. Performing: primary goal for each member is group success and roles
become more defined.

There are many roles within a team both formal and informal:

Formal roles may be:

Ø Captain: Roy Keane

Ø Coach: Alex Ferguson

Ø Player’s position: strikers, defenders, midfielders and goalkeepers.

Informal roles may be:

Ø Mentor: a player other people look up to such as Roy Keane.

Ø Joker: the practical joker of the team. Ryan gigs is notorious
within the united dressing room for winding teammates up.

Ø Troub...

... middle of paper ...

... to get a higher level but then felt
why should they be the one to put in all the work and therefore the
whole group end up getting the same grade for that piece of work. Also
personal factors have influenced the way that our group functioned
with people not turning in to do the work on the assignment when

In comparison to Manchester united our group was a shambles we lacked
the drive and determination needed in order to obtain the goals that
were set. We were not structured in the processes we were going to
follow and had no set plan which we were able to abide by. I think our
group could have needed an authorative leader in order to reach the
targets, but that said it was a good experience to be part of a group
like this because now we should see that we need to put in more effort
in order to succeed.

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