Essay Why Star Wars was such a Ground Breaking Movie

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Why Star Wars was such a Ground Breaking Movie

There are many reason for ‘Star Wars’ being such a ground breaking
movie. ‘Star Wars’ is a science fiction film, a science fiction
includes new world and civilisations that are discovered and aliens
are featured in a lot of science fiction films, the setting of the
films are usually set in the future and where the world is in danger.
There are some characters that are computer generated and they sue
special effects for fighting scenes when they use lasers. These are
some of the things that are included in that particular genre.

The plot of ‘Star Wars’ is simple and easy to understand. The hero
Luke Skywalker lives on the planet Tatooine and wants to get off the
planet, but his uncle wants him to help for the next harvest.
Meanwhile in the galaxy an evil force is destroying planets that gets
in its way, the ship is called the Death Star. Princess Leia, the
leader of the Rebel alliance sends 2 droids to give a message to
Obi-Wan Kenobi to help Princess Leia destroy the Death Star. The
droids meet Luke and they find Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke joins them on
their mission. They meet Han Solo who helps them out, they get into
the ‘Death Star’ where they find Princess Leia imprisoned and they
rescue her and then they try and defeat the ‘Death Star’ with the help
of Luke and in the end Han Solo helps Luke and they destroy the ‘Death
Star’ and get rewarded. There are many reason for it being such a
ground breaking movie, I will be looking at the many different aspects
that made ‘Star Wars’ such a ground breaking movie and how it captured
the audience’s imagination.

The characters are differe...

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into the sci-fi film. He got his ideas from Japanese films made by
Kurasawa. The religion was based on Samurais. I think that the reasons
for ‘Star Wars’ being a ground breaking movie because it had special
effects that made it more realistic and affective and builds up the
audience’s excitement, the aliens were something new to the audience
and they had human qualities that could be compared with themselves
and the religion that was based on an eastern religion which helped
the audience to understand eastern religion through the films. A
sci-fi movie normally only have aspects that make it a sci-fi but
‘Star Wars’ made it also a fairy tale. These reasons make the film
more interesting and appealing to the audience as they can learn and
compare themselves with some of the aspects that are included in the

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