My Trip to America- Personal Narrative Essay

My Trip to America- Personal Narrative Essay

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My Trip to America- Personal Narrative
Three years ago, in July 2001, I had the opportunity to visit America,
the land of freedom. I was thrilled when I overheard my mother talking
to my friend’s father; Tom’s father on the phone for me to join my
Toms family in their holiday to America. I could not sleep that night.

The following morning, my mother informed me of the good news: That I
would be going to Florida for two weeks, and that I would accompany my
friend’s family. I could not have asked for a better morning in
Britain. The sun was shining and so was I. Almost immediately I picked
up the phone and rang my Tom’s father to thank him, and for me and Tom
to plan our holiday.

The next three weeks seemed almost like a lifetime, I could not wait
to get there. My excitement increased day by day until we finally
drove to the airport. Only then I realised that the newt few weeks,
would probably be the best weeks of my life so far. Despite the rain
falling and the long waiting in the airport, with our heavy suitcases
we had to carry across the terminals, we kept are holiday mood until
we reached the plane.

The flight was longer than I expected and my seat was uncomfortable. I
spent most of the time watching movies, which were on the televisions
built in behind every seat, and talking to Tom about all the theme
parks and tennis courts. The airhostesses soon comforted everyone with
refreshments and snacks until we finally arrived to Orlando
International Airport early in the morning.

Following the crowds out of the plane, I saw my first sight of
America. It was incredible! We simply had our passports checked,
picked up our...

... middle of paper ... match in the tennis matches if ever we
went back to Florida, or they came to England.

I remember very little from the flight back home as I was sleeping
most of the time in the plane. I do however remember the cold weather
when we arrived to the airport in London, as I was still in my T-shirt
and shorts.

My trip to America has been an unforgettable experience, which will
remain in my mind as one of the best holiday trips I had so far. It
would be a dream to go back again, or even another part of America. I
found this particular holiday better from the rest, as I was not with
my parents but with my friend’s family, which makes it more fun and
exciting. I was so thankful to Tom’s father that he had given me this
holiday, and for my parents letting me go. This gives me the
initiative to work hard in the future.

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