The Reasons for Hitler's Rise in Power in 1933 Essay

The Reasons for Hitler's Rise in Power in 1933 Essay

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The Reasons for Hitler's Rise in Power in 1933

In 1928 Hitler’s Nazi party was very small and insignificant. By 1933
however Hitler was the chancellor of Germany and the NSDAP had risen
from extremely low position to total power.

There is a number of reasons why Hitler came to power in 1933. The
period between 1929 and 1933 was characterised by overall crises, not
only in political and economical, but also in social sphere, which
created perfect condition to change government, system and the leader.
Because of people’s discontent with the overwhelming situation, the
Nazi party jumped at the opportunity to gain power and carry out so
called ‘Nazi revolution’.

In order to explain the reasons why Hitler took over the German state,
one has to start of with answering the question why the Nazi party
come to power in the first place.

First of all, it is extremely important to explain the political
situation in Reich, which had a direct influence on the following
events. Despite of the relatively prosperous period between 1924 and
1928, which weakened the right-wing radical potential, the
parliamentary democracy had not struck firmer roots, which meant that
there was a possibility of revival of nationalist-conservative
movement. This was also reflected by winning the election by
Hindenburg, who felt no ties with liberal parliamentarism at all.
Another problem which caused the crisis in politics was the fact that
parties did not want to take responsibility for the stability of
republican political system, which led to destruction of government
coalition, frequent changes of the government and finally to falling
apart of the last ...

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