Essay on Lloyd George's Policies

Essay on Lloyd George's Policies

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Lloyd George's Policies
How did Lloyd George become an outdated asset in 1922 from a wartime
hero in 1918 in the space of four years? Lloyd George’s own policies
and his dependence on the conservatives did play a part in his
political decline; however this alone didn’t account for his failure
and fall. A range of events, issues and reactions played a pivotal
part in his downfall.

Before 1918 LG had long been the most dynamic Liberal minister, he
injected energy into the Liberal party to show that the party wasn’t
doomed to decline. During the war he was made Minister of Munitions,
where he was the one undoubted success of the coalition. He was
dynamic and thus in due course very effective. His success as Minister
of Munitions led to him becoming Prime Minister in December 1916,
where he replaced Herbert Asquith. Most Liberal ministers resigned
with Asquith, and about half the Liberal MPs (120) supported the old
Prime Minister rather than the new. While the war continued it was
said that he was ‘acting more like a president than a prime minister,
his leadership style, was accumulating enemies, and thus storing up
trouble in the future.

‘Like substituting dynamite for a damp squib’ was how one observer
viewed the replacement of Asquith by Lloyd George. Patriotism as much
as ambition, had dictated his actions, and thus it was clear before
the 1918 election that if he was to succeed he would be ‘a leader
without a party’. This was to be, LG fought the ‘coupon election’ on a
coalition platform. Therefore as early as 1918, there was friction
between LG and the Asquith Liberals, which weakened his own positi...

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... many others were killed, a virtual civil war began in the new
self-governing state. The finger was pointed at Lloyd George.

To answer the question, to what extent were Lloyd George’s own
policies, rather than his dependence on the Conservatives, responsible
for his political decline, it is fair to say that his fall from office
was of his own making, as the years passed on he was indecisive,
ineffective, and as a result confidence factor grew into the
Conservatives that they could succeed without him and they could make
decisions or choices must better than him. On the 19th October,
Stanley Baldwin’s speech did play a part as it expressed simply and
clearly what many Tory MPs were thinking. At the Carlton Club meeting
in 1922 the Conservatives voted to end the coalition and this ditch
Lloyd George as Prime Minister.

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