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It had been love at first sight, the day I met Tom. That stormy night
so many years ago, I can remember every last detail of it. The second
I’d seen him, our eyes had locked. He was tall, had chocolate brown
hair and eyes I could stare into all day. I knew instantly I was in
love. A mutual friend had seen the intent gaze we shared and
introduced us. And from then on, everything just got better and

It was like living a dream. He took me out to dinner, met my parents –
they loved him, he even agreed to come shopping with me. He’d have
done anything for me, and I would have for him. We were literally
inseparable. I remember when he had had to go away for two weeks on
business. I nearly fell apart! I remember thinking to myself how there
was no way I could ever survive without him, two weeks was bad enough.

He’d proposed to me on the 22nd July, about 11 months after we first
started going out. Our friends were surprised at how soon it all was,
but we both knew we were meant to be together. We got married about 5
months after that, and it was the wedding I’d always dreamed of.

It was purely coincidental that the wedding was in December, but that
was fine by me. I’d dreamed of a white wedding for as long as I could
remember. A dusty blue sky, glistening flakes of snow, a winter
wonderland. Everything seemed like it was just meant to be when it
began snowing only the day before the wedding. I was overjoyed, it was
all just so perfect. I couldn’t believe it was really happening.

I had the most amazing dress, white material that glistened when it
caught the light. The church was full of flowers, white and pink
roses. Sno...

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...d I looked down at Lily.
She was going to be ok. They had got the marrow they needed for her,
but at the expense of my darling Tom’s life. I didn’t care about her
anymore, all I wanted was Tom. The pure bad luck and misfortune of it
all teased me. Everything had been so perfect, and now the unluckiness
of it all seemed unreal.

As months went by, not a minute passed when I didn’t think of him. I
talked to him everyday, it was the only way I could cope. At least if
I convinced myself he was up there somewhere listening to me, and that
I would see him again one day, I could get on with life, just.

As I pulled myself back together, and learnt to live with my broken
heart; I was appalled at myself for ever blaming Lily. She was
possibly the one thing that kept me going and the only real thing that
I had left of Tom.

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