Training in Overall Organizational and HRM Strategy Essay

Training in Overall Organizational and HRM Strategy Essay

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Training in Overall Organizational and HRM Strategy

‘Training is the planned provision to modify attitude, knowledge or
skill behaviour through learning experience to achieve effective
performance in an activity or range of activities. Its purpose, in the
work situation, is to develop the abilities of the individual and to
satisfy the current and future needs of the organisation.’ (Manpower
Services Commission, 1981). According to D. King (1964) there are
many reasons why an employer should provide training including
shortage of labour, high turnover, expanding production, automation,
redundancy, improvement of quality, reduction of scrap,
diversification of products and raising the calibre of the staff.
Although this is quite a dated theory, most of the reasons mentioned
are still relevant these days. All the benefits of training are
related to cost as the impact of training has to be cost effective.

In the first section of this essay, I am going to give an introduction
to Human Resource management otherwise known as HRM. In the next
section, I would like to discuss some of the benefits of training and
ultimately provide a reason why it is essential to build training into
an organisation. In section three I will introduce the idea of a
learning organisation and will continue to summarise its
characteristics. In the penultimate section of my essay I will show
how to identify if an organisation is using training and development
techniques before the final section in which I will conclude my main

Human resource management (HRM), formally known as personnel, has the
responsibility of using and developing the employees at...

... middle of paper ...

...e most jobs are becoming
more complex and an increasing shortage of qualified employees.
Therefore training is emerging as the most important natural resource
to most organisations.


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