How Macbeth Changes from a National Hero to a Brutal Murderer Essay

How Macbeth Changes from a National Hero to a Brutal Murderer Essay

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How Macbeth Changes from a National Hero to a Brutal Murderer

Macbeth changes character throughout the play, from the beginning
right up to Duncan’s murder. There are many reasons for this distinct
change in personality. Firstly the witches put the idea into his head
by giving him three predictions. Secondly his wife persuades him into
murdering his cousin Duncan. She is power mad and wants him to be king
so that she can be queen, but she basically wants it for the glamour.
Thirdly Macbeth him self can be blamed for it, as he was always going
to be control of his actions. But in secret I think that he has always
wanted to be king from the beginning but never went through with it as
he is his cousin. Finally I believe that the king had something to do
with it. As when the king decides who is going to be the next king he
can choose anyone that he wants. As Macbeth was leader of the Scottish
army and had saved Scotland twice he though he had a good chance of
becoming kings himself.

The play opens very dramatically with three witches plotting around a
caldron. Macbeth’s name is mentioned in the 8th line this I relates
him to the witches and evil. The witches are clearly up to know well.
They speak in strange contradictions “…when the battle lost and won…”
and the main line “…fair is foul and foul is fair…”This means that
what they think is good is bad and what is bad is good. The play
constantly explores the theme of good vs. evil, truth against lies,
honesty against dishonesty, the natural against unnatural. With all
this considered the witches are important factors in Macbeth’s change
in personality and ultimate downfall.

The s...

... middle of paper ...

... face alone. “False face must hide what the false heart doth know…” he
then leaves to murder Duncan.

In conclusion I believe that not just one person was to blame for the
changes in Macbeth but are several people. First I blame the three
witches this is because they but the idea that Macbeth could be king
into his head and he then carried them on. But also Lady Macbeth who
drove him to commit deeds that he would not normally do. Thirdly
Macbeth himself is to blame as I believe the ideas of him becoming
king were also ways there he just never have the guts to do it. Lastly
I believe that Duncan hade something to do with it as when he could
have made anybody king he made his son when Macbeth is a much more
worthy person. So overall I would say that Macbeth changes throughout
the first scenes but is not all his fault.

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