Essay about The Nature of India's Contribution to the World

Essay about The Nature of India's Contribution to the World

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The Nature of India's Contribution to the World

The major contribution of India, in the world to day, would be in the
sphere of spirituality. In the global division of labour this work has
come to her lot and it is our duty to discharge this responsibility
with sincerity and honesty. One hundred years back, Swami Vivekananda
had said:

"Here in this blessed land, the foundation, the backbone, the
life-centre is religion and religion alone. Let others talk of
politics, of glory of acquisition of immense wealth poured in by
trade, of the power and spread of commercialism, of the glorious
fountain of physical liberty; but these the Hindu mind does not
understand and does not want to understand. Touch him on spirituality,
on religion, on God, on the soul, on the Infinite, on spiritual
freedom, and I assure you, the lowest peasant in India is better
informed on these subjects than many a so-called philosopher in other
lands... We have yet something to teach to the world. This the very
reason, the raison d'être, that this nation has lived on, in spite of
hundreds of years of persecution, in spite of nearly a thousand years
of foreign rule and foreign oppression. This nation still lives; the
raison d'être is, it still holds to God, to the treasure house of
religion and spirituality."

And lest we confuse the ideas of God, religion, and spirituality with
our narrow cynical vision, the following words of Swami Vivekananda
should make us feel at ease and give confidence. While defining
religion and its true form, Swami Vivekananda said:

"Religion is the manifestation of the Divinity already in man."

"Religion is the idea which is ...

... middle of paper ...

...ters of life to the shore of blessedness; if this ship
appears to be leaking, appears to be damaged, take blame on yourself.
Plug the holes with your brains and blood and keep the national ship
afloat. I am come now to sit in your midst and if we are to sink let
us sink together; but never let a curse rise to our lip."

Behind all his (Swami Vivekananda's) patriotism, deep down there was
the spiritual motive. For him India was synonymous with the spirit of
religion. 'If India is to die,' he had said, 'religion might be wiped
off from the face of the earth, and with it the Truth.' He did not
want to see India as a replica of a Western country. His dream of
future India was that of material prosperity along with spiritual
revival, with which she would extend the hand of peace and blessedness
to all peoples of the world.

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