Wealth and Poverty in Context to Hinduism Essay

Wealth and Poverty in Context to Hinduism Essay

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Wealth and Poverty in Context to Hinduism

Wealth and poverty are two terms frequently used by all human beings.
Humans can be rich or poor in different ways. Poverty is the economic
condition in which people lack enough income to obtain certain levels
of health services, food, housing, clothing, and education generally
recognized as the necessary to ensure a good enough standard of
living. What is considered adequate, however, depends on the average
standard of living in a particular society. Relative poverty is that
experienced by those whose income falls considerably below the average
for their particular society. Absolute poverty is that experienced by
those who do not have enough food to remain healthy. However,
estimating poverty on an income basis may not measure essential
elements that also contribute to a healthy life. People without access
to education or health services should be considered poor even if they
have adequate food.

In Sanskrit, the word “wealth” means “sampatti”, this means anything
that is enriched, in India knowledge is known as a type of wealth. The
people in India think that people who are able to read the ancient
scriptures have wealth in them as they have the wealth of the
language. Unlike many other societies, where the caste system is based
on power or wealth, giving the poorest the least power, Hinduism has
four set castes, which a member belongs to by birth. These groups are
called varnas, and each has its own set of rules and duties to live
by, known as dharma. mixing, especially The first, and highest Varna
is that of a Brahmin-priests and teachers. The next is Kshatriya-warriors,
rulers, and l...

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...dus believe that it is a persons own fault if they suffer in their
life as they bought it upon themselves and no one else. Taking this
into account they also feel that they should go out of their way to
help those who are less fortunate than themselves as they feel that
they are being rewarded for their generosity and good work.

Personally I feel that there should be both rich and poor people,
because everybody bought the type of quality of their life’s upon
themselves. It wouldn’t be fair if everyone was poor or if everyone
was rich, people would end up living lazy lives where they would gain
nothing, I feel that the world is alright the way that it is and that
people have practically chosen what types of lives that they want to
lead by the way that they lived their previous lives, so I disagree
with this statement.

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