Essay on The 2005 General Election Campaign and the Democratic Party

Essay on The 2005 General Election Campaign and the Democratic Party

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The 2005 General Election Campaign and the Democratic Party The 2005 general election campaign has been a defective democratic
event in many ways. Yet beneath the surface there has echoed a
national conversation of passion and seriousness. Thoughtful people
have debated for months with families, friends and colleagues - and
with themselves - about how to vote in this contest. Much of the
electorate is still undecided. It is an imperfect choice conducted
under the imperfect electoral system, which is nevertheless the only
one that we have got. What can be decided as the main issues everyone
is debating on? Let's be honest: it is difficult. Some issues seem
particularly important to some but to others, trivial.

The main issues - considered by most - which all three parties are
concerned with in particular, are that of Health, asylum/immigration,
education, war on terrorism/Iraq, crime and pensions. The main parties
consisting of Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats all deal
with the same latter issues. The current Government: Labour, is
concentrating on gaining a strong economy with higher living
standards. They are also committed to attaining faster NHS treatment
to individuals. Labour is also committed to bettering results at
schools, as they believe good education is a fundamental right to
every citizen. The party is also calling for tougher border protection
and for safer communities. They have also pledged to give more aid to
Africa. However the main priorities of the Conservatives are to lower
taxes through savings on bureaucracy, bring about tough...

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...ies and their
salience to the voter's own concerns. Leading the list was health
care. Two people in three said that this was very important for their
decision on how to vote, six in ten mentioned education, more than
half crime and pensions. (, 2005c)

Iraq was just 14th on the list of the 16 issues (, 2005c) with
only one person in six saying it was important to them as an issue.
But the results show that it played particularly strongly among
students, who delivered several seats from Labour to the Liberal
Democrats on conspicuously high swings, and in constituencies where
there is a large Muslim presence. Labour's vote fell by three points
and the Liberal Democrats' vote rose by four, above the average in
these constituencies. For most other people Iraq was an 'image issue',
not an 'issue issue'.

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