Essay about Glasgow's Urban Problems and Solutions

Essay about Glasgow's Urban Problems and Solutions

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Glasgow's Urban Problems and Solutions

* Geog factors led to Glasgow’s importance

* Decline in ship building etch, moved due to cheap labour elsewhere

* Slum conditions

* Comprehensive redevelopment? Uphill 1970s – what problems with it

* Renovate

* Regeneration

There are several geological factors, which led to Glasgow’s
importance. Firstly, there were many nearby coal and iron fields.
These are the two essential ingredients required to produce steel,
making Glasgow an ideal place for industry. On top of this, there is a
very deep, large river (R. Clyde) running right into the heart of
Glasgow and out the other side. This provoked heavy ship industry in
the area, as well as train building and bridge construction. (eg.
Kingston Bridge, built across the R. Clyde, 1970, and Clyde Tunnel
1963, which linked the two sides of Glasgow.)

However, Glasgow soon began to face many problems.

Glasgow relied heavily on the World economy, to buy and sell goods,
and the moment the World economy slipped (great depression 1929) many
businesses closed. This lead to all sorts of declines in industry,
especially heavy industry, such as ship building, which moved
elsewhere where the labour was cheaper, and profits greater.

Living conditions were declining at a very high rate. Terraced housing
was literally decaying, and people were hugely overcrowded. These poor
living conditions led to other problems, for example, social
problems, such as Crime, drugs, alcohol, unemployment, racism,
prostitution and a decrease in the amount of people. There were high
levels of disease and illnesses because of the overcrowding, an...

... middle of paper ...

...educed from 90 000 to 9 000, meaning that
there was much less of a problem with overcrowding.

Derelict land (Brownfield sites) was used to build flats, cinemas
complexes (e.g. The Quay) and industry. The CBD was renovated, with
the building of the St Enoch Shopping Centre, restaurants, and
pedestrianisatioin. Tax incentives were induced to attract people; for
example, they offered things such as no tax for 3 years. Green belt
laws were also introduced, to prevent the city from expanding, and
this led to new small towns cropping up around Glasgow, for example,
Livingston. These laws prevent sprawling, but allow leisure and
farming. This was quite a success in improving the conditions in
Glasgow, and now there is much less of a problem with poor housing,
crime, and lack of services, although the problem still remains.

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