Fast Food Chains Have Brainwashed Children and Parents Essay

Fast Food Chains Have Brainwashed Children and Parents Essay

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“They convinced our mothers that if a food item came in a bottle -- or a can or a box or a cellophane bag -- then it was somehow better for you than when it came to you free of charge via Mother Nature....An entire generation of us were introduced in our very first week to the concept that phony was better than real, that something manufactured was better than something that was right there in the room.”  --  Michael Moore, Here Comes Trouble --

So cheap, so convenient, and so comforting – qualities so alluring, it is easy to disregard
the life threatening nature of fast food. Children and teens are especially vulnerable to such
tempting qualities of junk food, since fast food chains have developed a marketing omnipresence
on television and in schools. In fact, as Michael Pollan, a prominent food journalist reveals, “one
in three of [American children] eat fast food every single day!” (109). Evidently, the fast food
industry has successfully permeated daily life, making processed food so commonplace and
desirable that youth have become brainwashed to alter their lifestyle and diet, preferring high
sodium and cholesterol packed foods in place of home cooked meals and nutritious produce.
Moreover, fast food menus deceive children and parents, advertising low prices and images of
happy eaters, blinding customers to the ingredients that comprise their food.

It is also significant to consider federal food policy, which accounts for why junk food is
so accessible and affordable in comparison to wholesome fresh food; for the U.S. government
subsidizes junk food additives instead of fruits and vegetables. Despite such an overwhelming
presence of fast foo...

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saying goes, you are what you eat. So, if you want to help end the obesity epidemic, alongside
youth, parents, and teachers, you ought to fight with your fork and knife against the ubiquity of
the fast food empire and demand that the U.S. government subsidize vegetables, not cheap sugar
products, and also provide funding for gardening projects.

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